Ethical Code

The Code of Ethics aims to present the ethical behavior methods to be adopted in such a way that they are consistent with the company values ​​and vision.


LongLife Srl, owner of the LongLife® Nutritional Supplements brand, is an Italian company pioneering its business. In 1985, guided by great dreams and ambitions, it became one of the first companies in our country to enter the food supplements sector.

We aim to contribute to people's well-being based on the use of natural active ingredients that allow us to recover or maintain the psychophysical balance fundamental to our health: this philosophy is the basis of our corporate values ​​and characterizes all our products.

For the future we wish to deepen our research work to understand what the main wellbeing needs expressed by the community are and adapt our offer to the needs of those who choose LongLife. To support the well-being of our consumers, we produce and market over 270 products including food supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.