Plant extracts

Plant extracts are preparations based on medicinal plants that allow extraction and concentration of components. Today they are obtained with methods that ensure a standardised extract and provide a safe final product.

Parts that are used to produce a plant extract vary by plant (leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds, bark, rhizome, root or the whole plant) because the chemical constituents can be localised in various parts of the plant.

Drying, to which plants are subjected, stops fermentation processes that take place after the harvest.

Extraction methods allow greater bioavailability and stability in the course of time, and easy dosage to obtain a specific therapy.

The concentration and bioavailability of dry titrated standardised extracts are defined and constant in time, and constitute a warranty for the prescribing physician.

Modern technology allows to fractionate extraction of the various chemical constituents in order to provide highly purified and selected extracts.